Account Manager

Beirut, Beirut Governorate, Lebanon · Accounting


Are you maniacal about Clean Accounting Books? Does Cash Conversion Cycle make your heart sing? Are you all about Fintech, Disruption and Scalable business? The team at Alex the CFO would like to invite you to help rethink the Finance Department in Lebanon and the region.

About the role

You’ll be designing, implementing and managing financial systems- from bill to data entry to dashboard for management and tax reporting: all at the same time.

Your job is to help the most ambitious founders in Lebanon and the region make the best business decisions, across industries like F&B, Fashion, Gaming, Retail, Manufacturing. You will be responsible for setting, improving and maintaining the systems that feed amazing live dashboards, with ratios, numbers and insights. Yes, a financier with a painter’s brush.

You’ll use cutting-edge tech to automate processes for collecting bills using optical recognition systems, collecting bank statements using APIs and overseeing the data flow from physical transaction to cloud-based accounting system and into dashboard. You'll help empower the most ambitious founders with data and insights they would not have dreamed of accessing. Your job is to help make founders dreams come true, in one of the most difficult places for doing business.

You’ll manage and oversee bookkeepers and coordinate with auditors through our online platform to generate reports that will be submitted to authorities, CEOs and boardmembers. You must be comfortable working under extreme uncertainty and limited supervision, in a remote environment where every decision that you make can actually, truly make a difference.

You’ll report directly to the Managing Partner and work closely with Clients. You will be their champion in their quest to improve the productivity of their business, understand their True Cost of Sales, their True Profit by product or business line and help them find their path to scalability.

You’ll work on projects like


What we're looking for in short is someone with the following attributes: amazing at PROJET MANAGEMENT, highly technical in AUDIT/ ACCOUNTING; fantastic at COMMUNICATING in writing, speaking, or in person and extremely; loves working with CLIENTS; is a technology NINJA


Great things will start happening to you once you join our team.

We’re quietly building a private company that is disrupting corporate finance to help the most ambitious founders in Lebanon and the region. We have repurposed technology to give founders top notch services in a cost efficient manner.

More than a dozen top CEOs rely on us to handle all their financial needs, everyday. We give them a no-BS high quality financial service to help them reach the next milestone whether in financial advisory, process mapping, compliance and fund raising.

We’re selective and demanding about who we serve.

We value discipline, professionalism, personal leadership and creativity.

We are seeking high caliber individuals who want to help push us to the next level. If you like to move quickly and have a bias for action, you’ll fit right into our fast-paced, results-based environment.

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